Does Xiaomi Redmi 6 Live Up to its Expectations [Review] - Android

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Does Xiaomi Redmi 6 Live Up to its Expectations [Review] - Android

Is it still a good buy over other mid-rangers? Read More

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Xiaomi was formed at a time when companies like Samsung were putting out “mid-range” devices that had horrible specifications and were priced high, making them not at a good value option. However, unfortunately, there were not a lot of options available at that time either.

Then came Xiaomi to the rescue and gained popularity quickly by offering decent specifications that wouldn’t break the bank and actually provided value for your money.

One of their mid-range phone series, Redmi, is quite famous for offering a lot for an affordable price.

However, recently I feel like Xiaomi is now also following the footsteps of Samsung where they offer barely passable hardware for relatively higher prices.

The Redmi series has always catered to the mid-range and entry-level market and the Redmi 6 falls in the lower-mid-range category and brings some odd changes over its predecessor. We got our hands on a review unit and here’s what we think of it.

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